How to manage uncertainty in the current climate

Many of us are facing the challenges of the workplace

- A need for faster decisions

- Unpredictability

- Increased workload

- Longer hours

- New ways of working

- Poor work-life balance

- Invasion of personal space

- Lack of boundaries working from home

- Little or no time for breaks

These external changes can result in negative changes in our

- Sleep

- Appetite

- Low Mood

- Attention span

- Ability to communicate effectively

- Development of poor habits, such as smoking or drinking more

- Worry, Anxiety and/or Panic

and many other disruptions due to stress and increased demands on our brain.

If we are wanting to cope with change, we must first acknowledge the many ways in which we are being stretched.

I would suggest

checking in regularly with how you feel

finding a creative outlet

developing a routine that grounds you

using productivity apps and other ways to track your progress

indulging in self care

becoming more flexible and adaptable but setting firm boundaries around what you need to focus on your work and increase performance.

Be aware of digital presenteeism, the need to be online or switched on all day.

Take a mindfulness break.

Do something away from your computer

Exercise for at least 30minutes per day.

For more info. Please do book in a discovery call to see how you can approach the new normal.

Drop your comments below and let me know how you are coping.


London, United Kingdom


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