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Hi everyone

I have some awesome news. Today I finished a self-help magazine to help you manage negative thoughts some of which might be unconscious to you. The techniques outlined in this magazine are grounded in cognitive behavioural therapy with referencing from self help books and online resources.

The download offered here comes with worksheets which can be edited online, which simply means you can start the process of changing your negative thinking patterns by using my worksheets. You can add text from your laptop or tablet but I highly recommend using the format for journaling daily.

I have shared three techniques used in therapy

  1. The Cognitive Restructuring Technique

  2. Visualisation used for various aspects of your life.

  3. The Positive Data Log

Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one's courage. Anais Nin

I am quite pleased with the design as I am trying to motivate busy minds to get started on the process of self healing.

Have you ever used self-help books before, if so let me know what you enjoyed most and what needed to improve to keep you motivated.

Thanks for reading.

Look out for the free download.

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